Submission Master Grappling Dummy Reviewed – Best Dummy for BJJ & MMA

Are you sick and tired of hunting down grappling partners and only getting your practice in at the gym once a day at best?

Well, with the Submission Master Grappling Dummy, you can kick your training up a notch and practice effectively anywhere and anytime you want!

Considered by many as the best submission grappling dummy on the market today, the Submission Master is the #1 choice for BBJ and mixed martial artists around the globe. Knowing this, we put this top-rated submission dummy through the ringer to see if it really does live up to the hype.

With hours of testing under our belts, this Submission Master grappling dummy review reveals all. If you’re a skeptic, you may be shocked at what we found.

Submission Master Grappling Dummy
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Submission80-85 pounds


Strengths and Weaknesses of the Submission Master Dummy

The Submission Master Dummy was designed to create the most effective and realistic grappling training experience possible. Nonetheless, here’s a look at both its strengths and weaknesses to help you determine if it’s the best grappling dummy for you:


  • While it has a number of strengths, what really sets the Submission Master apart from its competition is its ability to posture and hold a wide-range of grappling positions, such as kneeling inside the guard. Since training in the guard position is paramount for MMA, BJJ, and other grappling disciplines, this alone makes the Submission Master well worth the investment.
  • Sure, there are other submission grappling dummies capable of being postured into a guard or turtle position, but they usually collapse after performing each technique. This means you have to reset them after every single move. With the Submission Master, however, you can spend more time working on your submission moves and less time setting it up.
  • For instance, in order to practice in the guard with most grappling dummies, you must pick up the legs and hold them in order to perform your moves. With the Submission Master, on the other hand, you can practice more realistically and focus solely on your guard passing moves. What a novel idea.
  • In addition to being able to hold its legs in position for guard training, another advantage of this submission master dummy is its ability to hold its arms out in a bear hug position and return to the position after each move. Not only does this save you a ton of time, but aside from training with an actual partner, it also allows you to practice your ground and pound or arm bars in the most realistic way possible.
  • The Submission Master is well-made and super durable as well. Made of top-quality Denier Cordura, it’s built to take a beating and keep on ticking just like you!


  • On a down note, the Submission Master feels really stiff at first. However, after a little effort and break-in time, it loosens up just right and doesn’t become too floppy like many of the other grappling dummies being made today.
  • This popular submission grappling dummy is also quite large in size, making it difficult for smaller grapplers to perform triangle body locks, quarter guard lockdowns, and a few other maneuvers.
  • That being said, the incredible number of positions and moves that can be practiced using the versatile Submission Master is off the charts, making it a an excellent value and one of the best grappling dummies around.


Submission Master Grappling Dummy Training Features

Guard Training

Guard training with the Submission Grappling Dummy is nothing short of excellent. Thanks to the mma submission dummy’s ability to posture and hold its arms and legs in position, next to training with an actual person, it’s the next best thing for guard training. Guard is one of the primary positions in mixed martial arts and BJJ, so this alone makes the Submission Master worth its weight in gold.

Guard Passing

Training in the guard is one thing, but this top-flight bjj submission dummy provides excellent training for passing the guard as well. With the ability to keep its legs positioned bent towards the waist, it provides you with realistic training for passing moves from inside the guard. This is a real plus, especially since other grappling dummies require you to hold their legs in position or have legs that are too stiff for any kind of guard passing whatsoever.

Turtle Position

In addition to the guard position, the Submission Master also makes a great tool for practicing against moves against the turtle position as well. Thanks to its stiff joints and the ability to keep its legs bent at 90 degrees, it can be postured on its elbows and knees, allowing you to practice against defensive sprawl and turtle positions.

Leg Lock Training

Since the Submission Master is capable of keeping its legs up without you having to lift and hold them in place, it’s also a great tool for leg lock training. Although it’s built to provide resistance, the legs also extend for a realistic training experience.

Throws & Takedowns

As a submission grappling dummy, the Submission Master isn’t ideal for throws and takedowns. While it can stand up by itself, its design makes it more suitable for guard practice and other types of ground training.

How to improve my grappling skills with a submission master grappling dummy?

MMA is one of today’s most challenging sports. It takes hours and hours of intense training just to compete in the octagon, let alone dominate. Even if you don’t have aspirations of holding a belt one day, it’s nice to practice with an MMA submission dummy in order to improve and hone your skills.

MMA submission dummy

Why? Well, one of the most important MMA skills is grappling. From wrestling and judo to Brazilian jiu jitsu, all of these disciplines revolve around grappling, so you need to work on your ground game in order to become a well-rounded fighter. Guess what? Getting better at grappling takes a lot of practice.

Training with an instructor and other people is always best. Not only do you have someone explaining the techniques to you and critiquing your movements, but you also have a real-life person to practice grappling and submissions with.

Unfortunately, not all of us live down the street from a gym or have the time to attend organized training sessions each day. It’s also nice to be able to get some extra work in at home or anywhere else away from the gym. This is where a submission master grappling dummy comes in.

There are two types of grappling dummies: submission dummies and striking/throwing dummies. However, as far as grappling is concerned, a submission dummy is definitely what you need.

With the best grappling dummy, you can practice a variety of grappling moves to get your opponent on the ground and keep him or her there where they belong.

As you can tell by reading any submission dummy review, the key to improving your grappling with a submission master grappling dummy is repetition, which is what a dummy allows you to do best.

In fact, they’re designed for unlimited repetitions, helping to build you muscle memory for real-life fights and grappling situations. With a dummy, you can practice the same move over and over to make it a fundamental part of your fighting arsenal.

Limitless repetitions are only good if you’re doing a move the right way. Many times, the best way to improve and master your technique is to do it in slow motion. Fortunately, unlike training partners who are often short on patience, you can perform any move in slow motion with a dummy to perfect your technique.

Grappling dummies can also help with your transitions. Since transitioning smoothly from one move to the next is integral in BJJ and mixed martial arts, this is a big plus. With persistence, the right technique, and a top-quality grappling dummy, anyone can become a world-class grappler in no time at all!

Grappling Dummies FAQSubmission Master Grappling Dummy FAQ

Why is the Submission Master so stiff when it first arrives?

Unlike most grappling dummies that have very little structural integrity and flop around this way and that, the Submission Master is designed extra-stiff in order to loosen up with use over time and last for years.

The exceptional mma submission dummy is overstuffed with a material capable of staying firm yet compressing and loosening with repeated force. This makes it much better than other grappling dummies that start out loose and quickly become too loose for training.

What is the purpose of the attached cord?

You won’t find it mentioned in another less detailed Submission Master Dummy review, but this unique mma submission dummy comes equipped with a bungee cord running across its chest from one arm to the other in order to enhance its functionality.

The attached bungee allows you to pull the arms forward in the bear hug position for realistic guard training. It also helps return the arms quickly back into position for effortless repetitions. You can always put a shirt or gi on the submission grappling dummy in order to cover the cord if you like, but most people find themselves liking this feature.

Is there a return or refund policy?

If you’ve made it this far and still aren’t sure if the best-selling Submission Master is right for you, it would be a good idea to watch the instructional videos before making up your mind. If you go ahead and purchase the Submission Master but decide it’s just not right for you, you’ll be pleased to know there is a 30-day refund policy. That’s right, you can test drive it worry-free for a full month to see if you like it.

That being said, it must be returned in god condition, so you can’t go sweating all over it for 30 days and expect a full refund. You’ll also have to pay for return shipping if you decide the Submission Master isn’t a good fit for you.

Making the Decision

If you’ve dedicated yourself to finding the best grappling dummy possible and made it to the bottom of this page, you know by now, from this submission dummy review, that the submission man dummy is one of the best around. With the ability to sprawl and effectively posture in the turtle and guard positions, it’s the go-to mma submission dummy of choice for today’s best mixed martial artists and jujitsu specialists.

Submission Master Grappling Dummy Reviewed – Best Dummy for BJJ & MMA

See how this high-quality mma submission dummy works!

The only thing standing between you and the ability to work on your grappling any time you like is a simple click of the buy button. It may be a hefty investment, but you usually get what you pay for. So, get your money’s worth and improve your ground game by buying a Submission Master Grappling Dummy for sale today!