Bubba 2 Grappling Dummy Review

The rising popularity of MMA and BJJ has led to the release of several grappling dummies over the years, but very few have the staying power or provide the same value as the Bubba 2 Grappling Dummy.

The Bubba 2 is one of the most versatile grappling dummies around. In addition to having a durable construction and being heavy enough for sweep and grappling drills, it can stand for striking and throws as well.

After hundreds of hours of wear and tear, the Bubba 2 has become one of my favorite grappling dummies being made today. With countless afternoons spent putting this popular grappling dummy to the test, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about the Bubba 2 and all that it can do.

Bubba II Grappling Dummy
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Submission60-70 pounds


Strengths and Weaknesses of the Bubba Grappling Dummy

The Bubba 2 is a good overall grappling dummy capable of being used for grappling, throwing, and submission training. That being said, it’s not without its flaws. By taking a look at its strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be able to make up your mind about whether or not the Bubba 2 is the right grappling dummy for you.


  • The primary strength of the bubba ii grappling dummy is its ability to be used for submissions training. From the turtle position to the guard, its elbow and knee joints allow it to postured in a number of different positions. The dummy’s elbow joints even feel like they pop when you successfully perform an arm bar. Pretty cool, right?
  • The Bubba 2 can also be stood and used for practicing strikes and throws. However, if practicing throws is more important to you than practicing grappling and submissions, you’ll probably be better off going with a throwing dummy.


  • Despite its popularity, a major weakness of the Bubba 2 Grappling Dummy is its inability to hold positions for long. Since it’s not nearly as dense and lacks structure, kneeling inside the guard or holding other positions for any length of time is difficult without holding its limbs in place.
  • This also means it tends to fall flat and need adjusting after performing each move. This limits the amount of reps or maneuvers you can get in before the clock runs out on your training session.


Bubba Grappling Dummy Training Features

Guard Training

Sweeps from the guard are a little tough with the Bubba 2. The dummy’s lack of structure makes it difficult to properly posture it on its knees without needing to tie its legs together. It also makes training inside of the guard tough due to lack of stiffness in its limbs. Nonetheless, it’s serviceable and better than many of the grappling dummies being sold today.

Guard Passing

The Bubba 2 is excellent for standing guard passes as its limbs bend out to resemble someone trying to wrap you up. Practicing moves from the side mount and mount positions are also great with the Bubba 2. Unfortunately, the Bubba grappling dummy has loose limbs that often require a little help to posture and remain in position, so it’s weak when it comes to passing the guard on the ground.

Turtle Position

While the limbs of the Bubba 2 are rather loose and can’t hold positions for long without a little help, they are very pliable and stiff enough to posture in the turtle position. This allows you to work on successful grappling and submission techniques to counter this defensive position.

Leg Lock Training

Leg lock training is also okay with the Bubba 2. In fact, due to its structure and joints, it actually works quite well with certain leg lock moves.

Throws & Takedowns

Although the Bubba 2 is a hybrid grappling dummy and not necessarily designed for throws and takedown, it fairs well up on its feet and is capable of providing decent training for Judo throws, single-arm takedowns, and so on. It would work even better if it were heavier and provided more resistance, but it still does a fair job and provides you with a decent platform to practice various takedowns and throw techniques.

Grappling Dummies FAQ

Bubba Grappling Dummy FAQ

Does the Bubba 2 provide a realistic training experience?

The Bubba 2 is designed and engineered to provide the most realistic training experience possible. It has realistic joints and can even stand, allowing you to practice ground grappling, full-power strikes, chokes, leg locks, and more.

Is the Bubba 2 adequate for grappling, submissions, striking, and throwing?

Some grappling dummies are good for working on moves, and others provide good all-around training for all fighting tactics. The Bubba 2 has flexible limbs yet is capable of standing on its own, making it suitable for a wide-range of grappling, throwing, striking, and submission maneuvers.

Why is training with the Bubba 2 more difficult than training with a live partner?

It may seem counterintuitive, but training with a live, moving partner is easier in many ways than training with the Bubba 2, or any grappling dummy for that matter. With the Bubba 2, you must position it for each training exercise. It also doesn’t move, and although it is actually lighter than an opponent, it can seem much heavier in certain positions.

Does the Bubba 2 come with a warranty?

Like any quality grappling dummy should, the Bubba 2 comes with a full one-year warranty. Given its durable, handmade construction, it should provide years of training service.

Making the Decision

If you’re attention has been sparked and you’ve made it this far, you now know all about the Bubba 2 Grappling Dummy and should have a good idea of whether or not it’s the right option for you. With a handmade construction, realistic design, and reputation for being one of the first hybrid grappling dummies ever produced, it’s a solid option definitely worth considering.

Having said that, don’t take too much time weighing your options. Others are training away at the gym or at home with the Bubba 2 right now. So, make up your mind, click the buy button, and take every aspect of your MMA game to the next level with one of the best grappling dummies being made today.

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