meHi, thanks for visiting my website! I’m Daniel, software engineer, husband and a good lad. Since my childhood, I was really into sports. That’s probably because my father was a professional baseball player I got into this rhythmic world of sports and active lifestyle. Though respect my dad and his ability to make awesome swings, at the time I tried every sport section that there was at my school.

Though there wasn’t any sport I particularly adored, the thing bullies do adored is try to kick my ass. The choice was simple: hit or run. So I started to attend Judo classes, and some time later, the bad guys got what they deserved (thanks to me).

Fast forward to present and I still like Judo and other fighting sports: MMA & BJJ are my personal favorites right now. While I’m at home, I have this habit to throw/kickass my grappling dummy the other day or two. I made this website so you can do the same.

Training with grappling dummies is an awesome way to increase your muscle memory. So when you’re in a pinch, you’ll act almost automatically, leaving you time to make some strategies in your head. GD’s are a good way to relieve your stress too – few kicks can make the steam go away.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll find my website useful! Contact me at info@jiujitsudummy.net, or you can say hi at my facebook page!